Precognition and Deja vu

Anonymous said: What would you call one who uncontrollably astral projects? I know I'm a precog, an empath, and clairaudient. Where does someone get so many natural gifts from? People in my area call me a natural witch..... is this true?

They have another name for those natural gifts and they call it schizophrenia. You’re not a witch and you’re not a special unique snowflake with gifts that others do not possess. Unless of course you do have schizophrenia then you need to seek professional medical help.

Anonymous said: How can you induce precognition? I've always wanted to know.

Yes you can. The first method is through exhaustion either of the mind or excessive work. You’ll find your mind wandering, which is similar to day dreaming but without conscious effort or direction.

The other method is through meditation and involves a week of non-though and then direction of will without thought. Direct your intention but do not create images in your mind, do not guide your thoughts. Let the scenarios come to you and watch them unfold. The task of directing yourself through will involves your own path  of discovery. It will be unique to you.

Final a word of warning. When you go down these paths you open yourself  up to those who wish to manipulate you for their own goals. Knowledge and a very strong foundation are the only two things that will help you.

Anonymous said: I am precognitive and an empath and recently its all been really overwhelming because none of my friends are the same and i cant talk about anything with them because they dont understand. I was wondering how you cope?

I didn’t cope. It was a living hell. Knowing what will happen and waiting for it to happen to you. Knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it. Knowing you’re one of the very few people in the world who is ‘aware’ of how this reality really works and being told by everybody ‘the future is ours to make of it what we want! We have freewill!’.

I’ve tested. I’ve seen. I’ve wrote down future events. People like me who can remember have done the same. You’ve all come here and you’ve all shared the exact same mother fucking experiences. We have no choice but to believe we can see the future before it happens because that’s where all the evidence points too. Nobody wants to fucking know we have no freewill. Nobody would choose this life.

So. My little rant at society, that’s over. Now for some advice that will actually help you so you don’t end up like me. When you dream or have a waking vision of an event that is point ‘A’. The event in the future is point ‘C’ and point ‘C’ will always come to pass no matter what you do. There has been multiple cases in my life where point ‘C’ would of never happened had I not seen it in the future.

Now for the part that gives you hope. Point ‘B’. This point is your freewill. You can choose to engage with life and make the most of it or you can become a recluse and give up on life. Either way point ‘C’ will come to pass. How you get there is your choice.

Point ‘B’ the inbetween between events it is your freedom. Embrace it.

Anonymous said: After you have dreamt of your future, are you able to change it by doing things differently in the present time? I tend to have a lot of moments when I have déjà vu, or predictions, of the future. I've been doing research over this, and I'm not sure on how to find an accurate response.

A - C will always happen and you can never change that. Welcome to the hell of knowing you have no free will.

'B' however, the point in between the start 'A' and the finish 'C' is flexible. You can sit on your arse and 'C' will come to pass or you can be active and prepare yourself to deal with 'C' and what follows after that event.

Get busy dying or get busy living.

Anonymous said: I have bouts of frequent "deja vu". I'll Be dreaming about something then my dream will just switch to some random scene. The scene lasts what feels like a few minutes. Then about a month later I'll be doing something and then realize the events that just occurred within the last few minutes were exactly what I had dreamed about. I have a weird ability to remember the majority of all my dreams after I wake up. Does this sound like anything to you?

Precognition. If you can be bothered to write down in detail your random scene upon waking. You’ll be able to dismiss nay sayers arguments that it’s just a trick of the memory.

Anonymous said: When ita really quiet I hear in my head (for example) my mums voice clear as day say something and for a split seconds its like im liturally their the clearness and surroundings are so clear it last for just a split second.... thwn usually within the week exactly what I saw/herd os being said and done roght in front of me. .. dejavu.... happens randomly and rarely

Waking dejavu. Very rare for people and usually at a moment of exhaustion or point where you ‘check out/zone out’.

Anonymous said: I've been having deja vu almost day after day. After a week it might stop, but then I at the middle of the day I just stop and see that what's happening-- I already seen it. I dreamed of them but I don't really remember till it happens, and it happens. I don't know if I'm just making them up or it's just similar to every day happenings. But is there anyway to stop them?

There are a few things that you can do that would help your situation. First you need to write down what you saw in your dreams and do this every day . That way you are able to compare your memory to actually physical proof as the brain is capable of altering your perceived memory.

Secondly there is a possibility that in some people the sense of dejavu is caused by epilepsy. I had to be checked for this myself due to the frequency of the dejavu. It would be well worth your time speaking to a doctor just to rule this out as your frequency of dejavu is significantly above average.

Lastly you need to understand that there are numerous theorys about dejavu, from time being an illusion too the memory altering your perception. Accepting what you might see can be difficult as it throws up all kind of dilemmas but please don’t go looking for answers from any new age spiritual group or books. If you want answers, research scientific studies on the memory, research physics but please do not research new age garbage.

Anonymous said: i sometimes dreams things that dont happen rite away but happens within years and then hits me one day. or i can sometimes know how a person will react to something or say something before they actually do it. what does this mean? by the time i see the dream or something its been years and dont realize it until its been done.

An episode of precognition with the very common situation of not remembering you had the experience first in your dreams years or months ago. It could be that now you are becoming more aware of that connection between dreaming and precognitive experiences you are paying more attention to your dreams.

If you’re interested in this beyond it being ‘spooky’. Keep a record of all your dreams, every possible detail upon waking. You’ll be able to reference your experiences and validate them.

Anonymous said: Yes iam very away to not think in that way. It would only be inflating me ego. I'am actively looking to harness this precognition. I do constantly day dream, sometimes lucid dream and meditate with my higherself/ god sactioned guides everyday. I have heard through brian deflours (a light worker) that you can acheive time traveling through dreams but he lacked to explain how it would be done? When meditating for this future self would it be similar to calling on to your higher self?

No. light workers, karmic gurus, white cells have serious problems with their own development. Instead of staying grounded they believe they have achieved a level of awareness that makes them refer to themselves by new titles that set themselves as different than other people. It’s an ego trip and  a sign that they failed to stay grounded. I would be cautious about taking advice from anybody who calls them self a fanciful name.

It’s not about time travel, rather it’s more about creating a controlled precognition. Through meditation you create a goal of speaking to your future self, without thought or distraction you need to keep focused on this goal. Eventually with enough patience you may find yourself experiencing a precognitive vision.

At this point you are able to control how the precognitive vision occurs. You can ask any question, ask your future self to do something, your future self will interact with your suggestions and questions. You will almost certainly get weird replies.

Your future self will be at any random point in the future doing whatever you do, making toast, going to walk, watching tv or reading a book. When suddenly they (you) will experience dejavu. You will have no control of this experience and you won’t hear a voice. Instead your memory will recall a question, you will react, your memory will ask another question in response to your actions. After a short period of time it will end.

You didn’t contact your higher self. You didn’t contact a deity who helped you. You didn’t ask and receive help from an entity who helped you progress along your spiritual path.

You did that yourself through hard work, looking for advice and knowledge and then determining on your own whether or not that knowledge was false or true.

Anonymous said: today I had a vision of passing a stop sign in a car with my friends dad laughing about 45sec befor the stop sign was about to come up and the vision came true at the exact moment. This is my first time to be able to see a vision befor it happens rather than just having deja vu in the moment still realizing i have dreamed this befor or posibbly another type of precognition? Do you know of anyway to harness this gift better or any more knowledge about what might be going on?

It’s not a gift and you don’t have any ‘special’ abilities, thinking this leads to an unfortunate path. What you do have which others don’t is an awareness that time might not be as linear as others accept. That’s a hurdle for most people and your experience would have been already dismissed by them.

If you’re actively looking to ‘harness’ precognition there are a few factors which will help you. Imagination is the first step, day dreaming, vivid concepts and lucid dreaming actively help (in my opinion) the frequency in which precognition occurs. I can only guess that the reason for this is due to those activities are a form of exercising both your memory and awareness.

As an example, sitting in the car as a passenger and fantasizing about a little man on a bike or running at the side of a car are activities kids/teenagers do but adults no longer do. Which would also explain why adults have much less frequent precognitive visions than teenagers and children.

Meditation is also a useful tool to help you gain control of precognition. It is entirely possible for you to ask your future self questions and receive answers from your future self. Should you reach that point I’ll explain what you actually did and how it was even possible if you ask me too.

Anonymous said: Ever since I can remember, I've had strong senses of deja vu. An event would take place and I would know that I'd already witnessed it happen before. Within the past few years, though, I've been able to consciously predict what would happen and even explain to others around me what was about to take place, with 100 percent accuracy. What's going on? How can I predict specific events and results perfectly?

There’s the first possibility, it’s just luck.

Then there’s the second possibility. It’s based upon you actually witnessing the events in your sleep months or years before, you fail to remember the dream upon waking but the memory still remains with your subconscious. You’ll later recall scenes and scenarios from these precognitive dreams but are unable to remember how you first saw them.

The final possibility is that you never did dream the events nor was it based upon lucky guesses. The scenarios you see are based upon waking precognitive visions of the future. I’ve rarely been able to do this myself as it only occurs when I’m physically and mentally exhausted.

Finally I would strongly suggest you keep a notebook of your precognitive experiences, the events you have seen, when they occurred. With one golden rule, no matter how strange or peculiar the event is, you must write it down. Once you can prove these precognitive events are happening to you, please don’t share it openly with people. Find the right people who are like you.

i-am-a-child-of-time said: My husband has always had precognitive dreams, and to this day he experiences deja vu before an important event happens or an important decision is made. He just had the strongest deja vu he's had in years yesterday. I also have deja vu, but I cannot seem to figure out if mine are correlated with any events in my life. I've been having short flashes of deja vu lately, after having several strong episodes in a row. I'm waiting to hear back on a life-changing new job--related?

You’re most likely more aware of the dejavu during this period due to actively looking for signs that this job offer will come to fruition.

Actively being aware of your dejavu and future events will change your current behavior which is a paradox.

Anonymous said: I have dreams of certain events, some just plain random. Then experience it later on in life... Is that considered déjà vu?

That’s called precognition. Deja vu is when you are unable to recall where you have seen this information/event before.

You can recall where you first saw it and you first saw it in your dreams. Hence, precognition.

weirddreamsorg said: I found your post "Illusion of freewill and Donald Duck" really interesting as I've made similar attempts to make a precognitive dream not come true. For instance, trying to put a lawnmower in my shed instead of leaving it on my veranda while I went to the store. weirddreamsorg/lawnmower-dreams The biggest obstacle to freewill for me is not the attempt at trying to change things but the fact that other people were involved in hiring you for that job etc. Hope you keep posting!

If you don’t stay open to the possibility that you can change these precognitive dreams it can lead to a very dark path. These precognitive dreams are going to happen and the items, people, events are going to be there, it’s already happened. What you can change without a doubt is your mindset and how you reach that precognitive vision.

As an example, lets say you see an unpleasant event and in it you notice a pack of cards that are quite unique. You decide to destroy those cards, you destroy them. Happy in the knowledge that this scenario won’t happy you put it to the back of your mind. Six months later you happen to visit a relative/friend or they visit you. They’ve brought this pack of cards and the scenario unfolds. You could move to Timbuktu and it won’t stop the event. 

Anonymous said: Hmm... I wonder - since you are able to seemingly disconnect from the normal rules by seeing the future - might you be capable of bending other rules? If you can see the future or past, then somehow you can "escape" linear-time. What if you can break more rules? Like "escaping" space? Or even the self? Perhaps you can do something similar to teleportation or mind-reading?

Unfortunately the majority of people who claim to have any ‘psychic’ ability usually have mental health issues. That being said I strongly believe that any escape from this reality and a lack of understanding when in that reality can cause mental health issues.

When we find somebody’s reality too different to our own, it usually scares people. It’s safe and comforting to ‘know’ we all share the same reality. Any alternate reality is an enemy of the masses, only through mutual shared agreement does that reality become ‘real’.

Sitting in meditation and powering up your chakra making sure you’ve grounded yourself won’t get you anywhere. The majority of information when it comes to spiritualism is provided by nutjobs, cults and anybody with an interest in manipulating you for their own gains.  If you have any interest in this area then I hope you do it in the search of knowledge and not for some movie based concept of psi-abilities which frankly don’t exist in the context that anybody seems to understand.

Anything is possible through your consciousness. Everything is impossible through the physical.

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